Civil Ceremonies

‘The Castle Hotel’ & ‘The Briery Gap Theatre’ have united to offer a truly unique Wedding Venture! Have you ever dreamt of being Angelina Jolie on your wedding day and that your partner could be Brad Pitt, well now, here is your chance to take centre stage and even choose your own cast!

The merging of these two established venues now presents couples with a romantic, theatrical, civil ceremony setting in The Briery Gap. The performance will then continue when the wedding reception take places in the award winning 4 Star Castle Hotel, located directly across the road in the old world market town of Macroom. Owner of The Castle Hotel, Don Buckley said “We are delighted to announce this exciting partnership with The Briery Gap. Like the best of synergies we expect this interaction of two strong identities to combine with great effect! Recently, we have noted a significant increase in those wishing to marry in a non-religious, civil ceremony and now we can offer this wonderful alliance where couples can literally write their own script!’’ Ann Dunne of The Briery Gap said, ‘’We are thrilled to launch our beautifully elegant theatre as a venue for civil wedding ceremonies in Cork. We hope that the recently renovated theatre will capture the hearts of couples from all corners of Ireland and perhaps even further afield! If you’re looking for something a little different and want classic simplicity in a venue steeped in heritage and tradition then this is the setting for you.’’ Both facilities can accommodate wedding ceremonies for up to 140 people and this harmonious bond between The Castle Hotel & The Briery Gap allows couples to exchange vows with as little or as much formality as they like in their theatre of dreams!